Book Trailers

Creating book trailers is an engaging way for students to present an insight into a text. A book trailer is a multimodal interpretation of the themes of the book and the media is produced from scratch. A book trailer uses a mix of images and or moving image, symbols, text, voice over, music and sound to ‘sell’ the book.  The following examples of commercially made book trailers show how this can be done.

Flotsam by David Wiesner, 2006, Clarion Books

Fish extreme cu by Ed Bierman from Redwood City, USA [CC-BY-2.0]

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix, 2008 Simon & Schuster

moon CCO Public domain Pixabay

13 Words by Lemony Snicket and Maira Kalman

It’s a book by Lane Smith

The Very Bad Book by Andy Griffiths (Trailer by Paul Murphy)

Student examples

The Hunger Games Book Trailer is a student created book trailer with an original music score, promoting the young adult fiction novel by Suzanne Collins.

Book Trailers for Readers by teacher librarian by Michelle Harclerode, features student made book trailers along with practical production tips by the students.

Sourcing examples of book trailers

The Children’s Book Council Young Adult book trailers

Visit favourite author and publisher web pages to find professionally made book trailers. This example from Neil Gaiman features the author himself speaking about his latest picture storybook.

Search for ‘author name + book trailer’ to see what you can locate.

Slimekids has a collection of student and teacher made book trailers.

How to make book trailers

Inside a dog has a good collection of sample book trailers and instructions for making them

Teacher Librarian Michelle Harclerode offers lots of information for producing book trailers.

The Best Info About Book Trailers is an excellent place to begin exploring the production of book trailers.

Tools for making book trailers

Five free video tools for making video book trailers by Richard Byrne provides a useful overview of potential tools.


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