Creating your own images and sounds

Where possible have students compose their own media resources such as photographs, video, sound effects and even music. Smart phones have good cameras and sound recording capabilities for achieving this very simply.

Composing images

There are many tutorials and resources on line for teaching beginner photography.

KI 2012

This compile of Ten Top photography composition rules from PM Photography Mad provides established composition guidelines (with lovely examples) for enhancing the impact of a shot: rule of thirds, balancing elements, leading lines, symmetry and patterns, view point, background, depth, framing, cropping and experimentation.

See  Visual literacy for more general guides on selection of subject and composition of images, and the visual metalanguage to talk about it.

Composition of original music and sound

Digital Music Creation: Engage, Inspire, Have Fun! by Wesley Fryer is an old resource but has an extensive list of free and low cost digital software resources as a beginning point for exploring how to create digital sound.

Licensing your work for others to use

Find out how to choose the right Creative Commons copyright licence for your own work