Reading multimodal texts

Films and film clips

australianscreen provides a rich resource of film clips with teachers notes for screening in the classroom. View and download clips from Australian feature films, documentaries, children’s films and television programs, TV programs, advertisements, historical footage,with extensive background information and education ideas.

2Coyau _ Wikimedia Commons _ CC& GFDL

Trop Fest Jnr is a filmmaking competition for kids 15 years and younger. View winning films here.

Teaching film resources

Analysing Moving Image Texts: ‘Film Language’

Bill Boyd’s Ten Tools for Reading film is an excellent resource of teaching strategies. Each includes a list of suggested general discussion questions and typical activities as starting points to support reading film texts in the literacy classroom.

Film and Media Studies Resources for teachers and students BFI (British Film Institute)

Film Education supported by the UK film industry offers teaching resources including notes, film clips, interviews, scripts etc.

Media Ed Film resources from Media Education Wales

Metro Magazine film study guides

Screening Scotland’s Introduction to Moving Image Education provides an overview of moving image education and 21st century literacy. See the  ‘Three Cs and S’s’ worksheet.

Print publications

Walsh, M. (2004) Reading visual and multimodal texts: how is ‘readingdifferent? (Proceedings of the ALEA 2004 Conference). This paper examines the differences between reading print-based texts and multimodal texts within the context of changed literacy practices. The author closely analyses aspects of a novel, a picture book and an internet site to determine the similarities and differences in the way readers would process each text. The ‘affordances’ of modes are considered in relation to a text’s purpose and meaning-making involved.