Inanimate Alice

Inanimate Alice is an online episodic story told though a rich interactive multimodal mix of text, sound, image, video, music, animation, visual art and interactive game play designed as  ‘…a story that unfolds over time and on multiple platforms’. As the character Alice’s journey progresses through each of the four online chapters, the storylines by author Kate Pullinger provide opportunities for further story development and students are encouraged to create new episodes of their own. Extensive teaching resources are provided in a starter booklet.

Students can write and create a chapter for an Inanimate Alice adventure somewhere in the world constructing segments in a variety of digital media to tell the story.

See examples of student stories here.

Alice Down Under provides further classroom resources from Education Services Australia to support students creating their own Alice stories.

Inanimate Alice in Afghanistan is an example of a student made new episode, based on the original text, made by students Luke, Sahashra and Burak in Cathie Sutton’s Year 6 classroom (Melbourne, Australia). While it does not include interactive elements, it shows interesting use of media elements drawn from the original text.

A repository of Inanimate Alice resources (for Australian teachers only) can be found at on Scootle. Log in and search for Inanimate Alice.  This contains a  series of graphic-novel style photo stories and other digital materials.



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