Even shorter films!

Films don’t have to be long to be effective and engaging. The two suggestions here are wonderful examples of how something short and simple can be compelling and meaningful. Short films like this can be made using simple video and editing tools. Choice of a music track to link a sequence is also important.

The Beauty of a Second

The idea for creating a compilation of ‘one second films’ shot by different people and linked with an appropriate music track comes from The Beauty Of A Second short film contest.

In this clip, film producer Wim Wenders explains how the ‘one second film’ idea works.

15 Second place

Capture the mood of where you are. 15 Second Place from ACMI is a website and free iPhone App available in iTunes. Students can create 15 seconds of video footage of a place – around the corner, up the street or down the lane, at any time of the day or night – and upload it to the site.

The point of these very short films is for young filmmakers to use film to express their own mood about a place, a city, a back street, a building, a room, the bush,  abandoned spaces, main streets, crossroads, strange places, familiar places, secret places, deserted places, quiet spaces. These films can be linked to tell a story of how a place has changed over time, or to create a new story.

Comprehensive Activity notes provide practical guidance and ideas for experimenting with creative aspects of filmmaking such as:

  • Place and Scale
  • Abstraction
  • Places that look like faces
  • Point of view
  • Traces of the past
  • Focus on sound.

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