Locative or site specific storytelling

Locative interactive storytelling projects use audio, photographs and geo-tagging maps to create stories designed to be experienced in the places where they are set. Geo-tagging is the practice of tagging Global Positioning System (GPS) data to a photograph.

Locatative storytelling using geo-tagging and maps requires the user to have a smart phone or convergence device to interact with the story on the go.

Learn how to use Google My Maps in this overview tutorial which demonstrates different possibilities for creating custom, personalised maps and how to add video, print and images to your map.

The Silent History (suitable for older students) is an example of an innovative digital novel for iPad and iPhone which includes hundreds of location-based stories across the U.S. and around the world. These can only be accessed the reader’s GPS matches the coordinates of the specified location.

The Silent HistoryBooktrailer for The Silent History.


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