Introduction to Creating Multimodal Texts

Our students need to be creating as well as reading or viewing multimodal texts.

This website is a dynamic and evolving resource to support teachers introducing creating or producing multimodal texts with students in all subject areas and year levels. This compilation of resources is designed to support the implementation of student multimodal authoring with primary and middle years students from a literacy perspective.

Please explore these resources as a starting point to develop ideas to suit your own situation.


About creatingmultimodaltexts

I am a lecturer in Language and Literacy Education in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia. Current research interests include multimodal literacy theory and pedagogy; point -of-view and focalisation in film and narrative theory; multimodal authoring; and social semiotic theory.
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3 Responses to Introduction to Creating Multimodal Texts

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  2. Brenda Brown says:

    Hi Annemarie,
    Thank you for this website. I am currently writing multimodal assessment for Year 9 History and 11 BCT. Your organisation of this info is very helpful.

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